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No Explanation.

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

so, What I owe People is absolutely nothing at all. I owe no explanations. I owe no guarantees. I owe no commitment and no clarifications. if you fail to understand it, I won't set aside time to break it down for you. Because this season in my life has all to do with me and not one person else.

There just comes a point in every selfless person's life where they finally accept that it's okay to be selfish. It's both needed and necessary to be able to place yourself as priority and let all the other cards fall as they may. Because the reality of it is, that this is your life and you're the only one that has to live it.

When it's all over for me, I'm the one that has to look back and either be proud or disappointed, and say I Did That or I wish I could Have. I have to deal with the time I invested versus the time that I wasted. And Time's just wasting for every second that I decide to make it my job to live up to expectations of me that don't even align with my own.

If I don't call back, I either don't have the desire to talk or something else is tying up my time. If I don't go, there is simply somewhere else I'd rather be. If I say no, it's because what is being offered in no way benefits me. And that's okay!

It's okay to assess the relationship or the task at hand and ask yourself, "Will this fulfill me"..."Will this make Me HappY". It's okay to be vocal about shutting down from the world for temporary maintenance on your mind, body, and spirit. after all, You have to protect your Journey. Your peace. Your soul. So, It's okay to establish boundaries, and detox from those that continue to cross it.

Consider this a verbal warning! This is your one life, your one chance to get it right. Call this season, a mind shift and don't spend one minute more explaining why you need to do so! I challenge you to explore yourself in this moment. Learn who it is that you want to be then go be that person. Don't stop until that's the person staring back at you. I challenge you to adjust anything and anybody that is standing in the way of your happiness. this is their final notice. In this season, your growth will not be interrupted. Focus on being better for you! You owe that to yourself and not one person else...

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