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The Motion: Moving Without Excuses

About two months ago, I posted a poll on my story! Now listen, it is not everyday that I care to be in front of anyone's camera, but something in my spirit urged me to go LIVE!

I would like to think of myself as a pretty insightful person. I'm not the gossip guru some are attracted to, but I can definitely speak life into various situations. So, I posed some options for my followers on whether they wanted me to speak on: More Moves, Less Excuses OR Detoxing Our Circles! To my surprise, my woke people spoke and I went live on the topic of the good ole Circle Cleanse!

In hindsight, I think it's great that I was able to give people the tools to free up their immediate circles because dealing with that deadweight will present relief as you prepare your mind to start making moves!

Just like it is important to periodically reflect on relationships and friendships, it is equally as important to continuously reevaluate your current situation. So many people feel like they are not where they want to be in life. I too was at a point where I felt like I wasn't doing enough and that what I was doing obviously wasn't working! If you don't remember anything from this post, please remember that:

"Your current situation doesn't have to be your final destination".

I will give a standing ovation to anyone who affirms that ANYTHING is possible because it truly is. I've seen God's work in my own life and so many other people that I've had the pleasure of connecting with! In order to change your life from complacency and settling down in your "comfort zone" to making moves and living purposefully, you MUST change your state of mind. Below I will list my best tips for leaving the excuses behind and making your moves manifest---

1. Always be in FORWARD Motion.

Listen, you have to stop beating yourself up about two things: the past and things that you have no control over! The past should only serve as a part of your testimony once you make it, and as a dose of lessons and experience that you need to apply to your future. You have to take what you have and make a move out of it! Remember, any step is a step...

2. Reflect on your gifts and passions.

I truly believe that everything we need to impact the world and fulfill our purpose, is already planted inside of us. Ask yourself what comes naturally to you with little effort? Think about the things you truly care about that stirs you up inside? What would you contribute or change about the world if you could? Well you go do that!

3. Tap into your inner visual learner.

I know that not everyone would consider themselves a writer like myself, but it's important to write your goals down. I used to type a lot of things into my phone, but it is nothing like jotting down the things that you want to manifest! For example: are you trying to buy a house in 2020? Write down "own a home" and below that list out your steps that you will need to take to achieve that. Trust me, seeing your goals written out, ignites a fire in you that is hard to describe...

4. Get organized!

Okay, this is especially for my people building brands and businesses! You have to prepare yourself for the volume of clients, supporters, and connects that you are about to receive. When someone comes to you, whether it is to read your latest book, or to get a haircut or to buy your product---you want to offer them the best possible experience with you. Buy a planner! Write things down. I input things in my phone as well as on my physical planner just in case, so that I'm booked, but not overbooked or double booked. Make sure you have enough of your product and have a seamless system in place for people to be able to connect with you and your business!

5. Oh, hey Google!

Please abandon the mindset, that in order to jumpstart your goal, plan, or business that you have to have endless amounts of money to invest or a crowd of supporters behind you. There are overwhelming amounts of free apps, resources, articles, and websites out there that can at least allow you to build a solid foundation. As far as support goes, remember when we cleansed our circles of the deadweight? Well, even if your own friends aren't contributing to your dreams coming to fruition guess what? There are a lot of fellow entrepreneurs that understand how hard it is to jumpstart anything, and we are here to support and go hard for you!

6. Eliminate Excuses

There is a quote that I keep on my digital vision board by Alice Walker. It states:

"If you want to have a life that is worth living, a life that expresses your deepest feelings and emotions and cares and dreams, you have to fight for it".

You have to go after your dreams as if the world depends on you making them happen. Single parent? So am I. That makes me go harder because I'm teaching my child to push through no matter the circumstance. No energy? Organic tea, exercise, limited coffee will do the job! Remember, you can rest once you've accomplished your goals. We don't have time to chill if we aren't where we want to be yet. You have to put as much of yourself into your moves as you do your 9 to 5, your friends and family, your leisure time (watching tv, napping, gossiping. scrolling social media, etc.). Remember, the time we spend looking at the people that have the lives that we want...could be reinvested so that we could actually obtain that life that we want! You ready?

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