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Dear King...


In Part I, SIL uses an open letter format to describe the often minimized greatness of a young black boy as seen through the eyes of a young black girl.
In Part II, SIL empowers her readers through journaling questions aimed for positive self-reflection, while Part III features positive affirmations and blank note pages for her readers use.

***Books will ship within 3-5 business days***



We as parents don’t always have the right answers or can find the right words to say at times, but when I tell you this book just gave me and my family a new perspective about this journey called life! What an affirmation! If you aren’t having these types of conversations at home with your kids, then please do so. Please get a copy of "Dear King" By Sil. I haven’t read a children’s book that left me in chills and wanting more! This is an author you want to make sure you follow!



He is more excited than I am! We are reading it this soon!! Thanks again Soror! My soror is an author!



To my friend and soror, Sil, thank you for the personalized copy of the book this beautiful book. If you have a young "King" at home you will love this book. Something positive for our young black boys.

Get your copy of "Dear King" written By Sil.

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